Demerara Bank Limited continues to closely monitor the developments of the coronavirus situation (COVID-19) and implement all necessary precautionary measures to keep our customers and employees safe and healthy, while banking services are being accessed.

We have placed hand sanitizers and washing stations at all of our offices for customers' usage and have increased sanitizing "high-touch" areas, such as counters, doors, ATMs, etc. 

Customers are reminded that the following are mandatory COVID-19 precautionary measures that must be adhered to when visiting the bank:-

  • Proper wearing of face masks
  • Hand sanitization / washing of hands prior to entry to the bank
  • Social distancing of six (6) feet

The Bank also encourages you to sign up and utilize our online application to view account balances, transfer funds domestically and request international wire transfers.  Additionally, various protocols remain in place to protect our employees with the aim of preventing and reducing the spread of the disease. 

Adjusted Business Hours

With effect from August 3, 2020, the opening hours at all of our branches have been adjusted as follows:-

8:00 a.m to 2:00 p.m


8:00 a.m to 11:30 a.m

Please note that priority will be given to all Senior Citizens on the first Monday of every month.


ATM transactions

The Bank has temporarily increased the ATM withdrawal limits to $175,000.00 daily and wishes to remind customers that Point of Sale Transactions are free of cost. We encourage all our customers to use these options instead of coming into the bank.

New accounts and account reactivation

New account relationships and reactivation of accounts will be facilitated by electronic instructions. Please visit our website for the account application form and submit same along with the required documents to Our officer will arrange an appointment at your convenience for the establishment of the account.

Please visit our website for the application form and submit same electronically.  Our e-banking application allows for:

a)   checking account balances and transaction

b)   transfer of funds to own or third party accounts

c)   bill payments

d)   request wire transfer

e)   stop payment instruction on cheques

We encourage payment of salaries and wages using our electronic payroll facility, letters submitted through the drop box, or by way of the new Electronic Funds Transfer method.  Please contact your branch for further details.

Submit application and required documents electronically and our officers will arrange an appointment at your convenience.

Visa Credit Transactions

Customers are encouraged to call the Visa direct line on 592-225-5439 and the staff will advise you on what transactions can be processed without you making a trip to the Bank.

Cheque Deposits

Cheques can be deposited via the drop box provided at each branch.

The steps outlined above are some measures the Bank has put in place to safeguard the health of employees, customers and the community at large while providing our services continuously to our valued clients.

The Bank also wishes to advise that, if it becomes necessary, crowd control protocols may be implemented at our various locations.  

As an institution, we care about you and your family and due to these circumstances, we are going above and beyond to assist our customers in these times. Please contact your local branch via telephone or email if you would like confirmation on what transactions can be processed without making a trip to the bank and how we can assist during these times.

We encourage everyone to take the threat of COVID-19 seriously and remain educated on ways to protect yourself, your families and our Guyanese community. 

The Bank sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience that may be caused.