There is no fee for the issuance of the card, however, there is an annual fee based on your card type.

If you answer YES to most of the following questions, you may be qualified for a DBL Credit Card:

  • Am I over 18?
  • Am I employed?
  • Do I have a stable source of income?
  • Do I have good credit history?
  • Will I provide cash security for my credit card?

Your credit card account is not linked to your DBL bank account.

Payment is due 20 days after statement date.

Visa is the most widely used payment card around the world and is accepted at millions of merchants and over 1.8 million ATM locations. Visa is globally recognized as the best way to pay and be paid across all markets including stores, supermarkets, shopping centers, restaurants, hotels, gas-stations, online sites, travel agencies and more. Your Demerara Bank Visa Credit Card can be used at any Merchant, Bank or ATM, locally or internationally, wherever a VISA logo is displayed

An unsecured card does not require any cash collateral and attracts a higher interest rate.

A secured credit card requires cash collateral before a card can be approved and issued. There are three levels to a secured card:

  • 50% secured
  • 75% secured 
  • 100% (fully) secured. Interest rates will be lower

Secured credit cards attract lower interest rates.

To report your card lost or stolen give us a call immediately in order to reduce the risk of any unauthorized/fraudulent transaction attempts on your card or visit any of our branches.

For a damaged credit card, please visit any of our branches.

To report a fraudulent transactions give us a call immediately or our visit any of our branches. A block will be placed on your card to avoid any further unauthorized transactions.

You can visit any of our branches with your National Identification Card and your  Credit Card to reset your PIN.

EMV cards feature an embedded chip that improves security every time you make a purchase at a chip-enabled terminal. The chip technology creates a unique code for each transaction that is difficult to duplicate, thereby reducing the risk of fraudulent transactions on your account.

EMV cards are more secured because, your payment information is stored on the chip. This makes it virtually impossible to create a counterfeit EMV Card.   

You can view your balance online using our Visa Online Banking website A user name and temporary password will be given after setup.

You can download our application form from our website or visit any one of our branches to uplift a form. Submit the completed application to any branch, along with the relevant documents for further processing of your credit card application.