No, premature redemption of a Term Deposit Account will result in loss of interest.

No. The amount of a Term Deposit can only be increased upon maturity of the account.

To reactivate your account, simply submit to the Bank your notarized request, along with notarized copies of the following documents:

- National Identification Card / Valid Passport

- Recent Proof of Address

- Evidence of Income (Recent Job Letter or Payslip issued within the last 3 months or Financial Statements for the previous year)

- Updated Business Registration (if self employed)


The following documentation are required to reactivate an account:


o   National Identification Card / Valid Passport

o   Recent Proof of Address; e.g. utility bills or a document sent through the post within a six months period or an overseas driver’s license showing the address (Canada & USA).

o   TIN Certificate or any government issued document showing the TIN

o   Evidence of Income (Job Letter / Payslip issued within a period of 3 months or Financial Statements for the previous year).

o   ATM Card or Passbook

No.  DBL can only accept payment of post paid meters as we are not an agent of GPL.

Our Diamond and Le Ressouvenir branches are opened on Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Visit any of our branches nearest to you to uplift a Salary Assignment Form.

Submit a written request or visit any of our branches nearest to you to establish a standing order.

Visit any of our branches nearest to you with the official document(s) showing the name change and your records will be updated accordingly.

The Bank can facilitate a reset of your e-banking password upon receipt of your request via e-mail at [email protected]. Alternatively, the same can be done by visiting any of our branches nearest to you.

Instructions to stop payment on an issued cheque can be submitted via our e-banking application or by written request

Chequebooks can be ordered via our e-banking application, submission of a written request or by visiting any of our branches nearest to you.

Interest is paid semi-annually at the end of April and October.

Immediately contact our any of our branches to cancel the VISA Debit Card. A new card can be issued at a cost of G$1,000.00.

Yes. Visit any of our branches nearest to you to reset your PIN.

Yes.  The daily withdrawal limit can be increased upon receipt of your written request.

The ATM facilitates withdrawals in tranches that are less than or equivalent to G$40,000.00 and has a daily withdrawal limit of G$175,000.00.

No. Chequing accounts are non interest bearing accounts.

A Statement Savings Account is an ATM-ready account and offers greater advantages for persons on the go. Upon establishment of a Statement Savings Account, a VISA Debit Card is issued. Our VISA cards are internationally recognized and can be used for online shopping, point-of-sale transactions, ATM cash advances etc.

 A Passbook Savings requires that all transactions be processed in-bank.

To register for our e-banking services, download and complete the application form from our website. Upon completion, the form  can be submitted to any of our  branches nearest to you or electronically at [email protected].