Kids Savings Account

The Kids Savings Account can be established from the time of birth to the age of 18 years and allows parents to save for their children's education while instilling the value of financial independence. The Kids Savings Account attracts a preferential interest rate and children can also enjoy annual bursary awards as they excel in their academic performance.

  • Rate of Interest           -            1.3%
  • Minimum Deposit      -           $1,000



  1. Valid Drivers Licence of Parent or Guardian or in the absence of a valid Driver's Licence:
  • Valid Passport / National Identification Card of Parent or Guardian
  • Recent Proof of Address (within 12 months)
  • TIN Certificate / Driver's Licence
  1. Job Letter / Recent Pay Slip / Proof of Income
  2. Birth Certificate of Child


What you need to know about our Kids Savings Accounts:

  • Maximum Balance allowed $5,000,000


Account Application Form