VISA Cards

Demerara Bank is pleased to be part of the Visa network. Visa is the most widely used payment card around the world and is accepted at millions of merchants and over 1.8 million ATM locations.

Visa is globally recognized as the best way to pay and be paid across all markets including stores, supermarkets, shopping centers, restaurants, hotels, gas-stations, online sites, travel agencies and more!


Welcome to your Visa Experience!

Introduction to our Visa Cards

The traditional technique of spending money for consumers has evolved into a much faster, safer and convenient way of conducting transactions with merchants worldwide. This shift has given consumers the independence of cash in the form of plastic stylishly tucked away in your wallet.

Demerara Bank continues to evolve with our community by offering Visa cards which are designed to fulfill your every interest. Our Visa cards include both Debit and Credit cards, each carrying their own individual benefits.


What is the difference between a Debit and Credit Card?

The credit card is the equivalent of a credit facility based on a revolving credit principle. That is, a line of credit that remains available even as the balance is being paid. You can access funds up to your approved credit limit and then have ongoing access to that amount of credit once the outstanding amount is repaid. Although this balance is not expected to be paid in its entirety right away, there is a requirement of monthly payments of at least 5% towards the outstanding balance on your card so as to not attract late payment fees.

The debit card, on the other hand, is the opposite; it is not a loan and all payments done using your card are taken directly from your savings account. You spend your own money and there is no amount to be repaid to Demerara Bank. Additionally, the transaction limit for ecommerce or point of sale transactions are up to the available balance in your account; there is no credit limit applied to your debit card.

Find out which card is right for you ...



 For controlled spending our visa debit card is the right match for consumers looking to spend a little today while also saving for tomorrow.


  • No cash security or collateral is needed to secure the card
  • No interest rates, annual fees or ecommerce transaction fees
  • No application process or credit checks to be done
  • Low exchange rates on international transactions
  • Easy money management 


  • DBL Visa Debit cards can be used at any VISA accepting merchants or ATMs (both locally and internationally)
  • Ability to shop online
  • No spending tariff – you can spend up to the available balance in your account.

Security Features:

  • Advanced Risk Monitoring – Our officers will contact you regarding any suspicious transactions detected.
  • Dispute Rights – Dispute reports can be filed for transactions not initiated by you. The transaction(s) will be investigated and, pending the result, a refund will be issued. (Terms and conditions applied)
  • Visa Purchase Alerts - Receive e-mail notifications whenever your card is used for online transactions, at point of sales or other bank ATM withdrawals. Sign up on the Visa platform via:
  • Lost or Stolen Card – Inform the bank immediately! The card will be blocked and a new one will be issued to you.



Demerara Bank credit cards are in Guyana Dollars and we currently have three types of credit cards available:


Visa Classic

Simple, flexible and worldwide recognition are the right combination for beginners. Our Visa Classic card is the ideal first choice for our consumers seeking to establish credit or those who enjoy simple spending. Your journey begins with a classic card.

The credit limit for the Classic product ranges from $100,000 - $500,000.

Visa Gold

To suit your bold personality and for maximum flexibility with superior purchasing power and benefits, then the visa gold card is ideal. This Card is the preferred choice for those who require a little more from their credit card.  

The credit limit for the Gold product ranges from $600,000 - $1,100,000.

Visa Signature

Our Visa Signature card is the ideal premium card that gives you the right edge to entice and satisfy your suave lifestyle. For purchase and travel perks, and other exclusive benefits, the visa signature card fulfills your luxurious choices.

The credit limit for the Signature product ranges from $1,200,000 - $5,000,000.

Transform your lifestyle and spending habits with any of our Visa Credit Cards.


Here are some important benefits to consider when applying for your new Credit card:

Risk Monitoring

Our Risk Monitoring system is an integral tool used to detect suspected fraudulent transactions performed online. This is essential for the protection of consumer data from those who seek to retrieve card data for their own personal gain.

Transaction Alerts  

You are notified of all transactions performed on your credit card via email. This is a personal security mechanism designed to help you track your credit card activity.

To start receiving email notifications every time your card is used for point-of-sale transactions, online purchases, or withdrawals from other bank ATMs, just follow these steps:

1) Click on the following link:
2) Enter & Validate your email address
3) Input your card details
4) Begin receiving your notifications!


Transaction Confirmations


Once transactions are flagged as risky on our monitoring systems, representatives from the bank would make contact with you to confirm the transaction was indeed performed by you. Additionally, should you require guidance on the use of their cards, our Visa team is available to render assistance.  

Travel Benefits

Our Visa Credit Cards are internationally recognized and accepted wherever the Visa logo is displayed. Enjoy Auto Rental Insurance on your Gold and Signature Cards. Our add-on benefits such as baggage loss and concierge service are enjoyed by our Signature holders.

Comparative of the Credit Cards' Benefits





24 hr customer service

Worldwide Recognition

One day card replacement

Price Protection

Purchase Protection


Extended Warranty


International Emergency Medical Service



Compensation for Baggage Loss or Delay



Auto Rental Insurance



Access to Exclusive Website



Visa Luxury Hotel Collection




Visa Benefits Explained:

  • Travel Accident Insurance – when you pay the full price of your tickets with your valid and active visa card (either debit or credit), you, your spouse and dependent children under the age of 23 years of age are automatically covered for up to USD1,000,000 each in case of death or accidental injury while under the responsibility of a commercial carrier with a valid license to transport passengers by air, water or land. Coverage also applies to tickets to tickets that are redeemed with points generated through Visa card loyalty programs, provided all taxes and surcharges are paid with the visa card. it is not necessary for the spouse and children to be travelling with the cardholder to be considered insured persons.
  • Price Protection - If an item is purchased entirely with your Visa card, and within 30 days of your purchase, you see the same item by the same manufacturer in the same marketplace for a significantly lesser value, Visa can refund the difference up to the benefit amount per item.
  • Purchase Protection - If you purchased something with your card, and it is damaged or stolen within 180 days of purchase, you are protected for the cost of the item sans delivery.
  • Auto Rental Insurance – when you use your visa Signature card to book a car and pay the full price of the rental, you are covered by this insurance.  The Auto Rental insurance covers up to the full cost of repair or replacement of a rental vehicle in the event of:
  • Damage due to collision or theft of the vehicle.
  • Malicious vandalism against auto.
  • Documented valid loss-of- use charges imposed by the car rental company.
  • Emergency Medical Indemnification – when you pay the full price of your tickets with your valid and active visa Signature card, you, your spouse and dependent children under the age of 23 are each automatically covered for a wide range of medical services with no deductible, up to a maximum of USD30,000 each, while traveling abroad.
  • Baggage Delay Insurance – when you pay the full price of your tickets with your valid and active visa Signature card, you, your spouse and dependent children under the age of 23 years are each automatically covered for up USD500 to replace essential items if your baggage is delayed or temporarily lost while under the control of the carrier for over six hours. Coverage applies during domestic and international trips not exceeding 60 days. Coverage does not apply during the leg of your trip to return home.
  • Baggage Loss Insurance – when you pay the full price of your tickets with your valid and active visa Signature card, you, your spouse and dependent children under the age of 23 are each automatically covered for up to USD1,000 at no additional cost to you, for any baggage that is lost due  to theft or sent to the wrong destination while under the control, care and custody of an airline or other common carrier operating under a valid license to transport passengers by land or water.

Please note that terms and conditions apply for these benefits.


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