Passbook Savings Account

If you prefer to have all your transactions recorded in a convenient pocket-sized book, then you need a Demerara Bank Passbook Savings Account.  Save at your own pace and keep track of all transactions processed to your account.

  • Minimum Deposit               -           $5,000
  • Rate of Interest                    -           0.5%


  1. Valid Drivers Licence or in the absence of a valid Driver's Licence:

  • Valid Passport / National Identification Card
  • Recent Proof of Address (within 12 months)
  • TIN Certificate / Driver's Licence
  1. Job Letter / Recent Pay Slip / Proof of Income

What you need to know:

  • A charge is levied for no-book withdrawals from passbook accounts.
  • Withdrawals from joint passbook accounts are not permitted when the passbook is not presented.
  • ATM Cards are not issued on the Passbook Savings Account


Account Application Form