A Loan That Brings You Home Promotion

Welcome to Demerara Bank's latest offering, a home loan promotion that is more than just loan - it's a pathway to home ownership! With our commitment to making home ownership a reality, we present to you "A Loan That Brings You Home."

Why Choose 'A Loan That Brings You Home"?

"A Loan That Brings You Home" promotion caters to an array of customers, including those keen on purchasing young professional housing units, low-income housing units, home renovation projects, construction endeavors, and property acquisitions. Furthermore, for those seeking to elevate their living spaces, the Bank is offering increased amounts on existing loans, facilitating the completion of essential auxiliary works such as fences, landscaping and other improvements.


Promotional Period:

2nd August, 2023 to 16th October, 2023


Exclusive Terms for Promotion Participants

  • Competitive Interest Rates: 3.5% up to $4M | 3.75% up to $9M | 5.7% up to $20M | Over $20M: As low as 6.9%.

  • No anticipatory interest on principal payments

  • Competitive equity contribution

  • Waiver of site inspection fees

  • Waiver of processing fees

  • 50% waiver of attorney fees


Steps to Get Started:

  • Explore: Browse through our diverse range of home loan options and promotion details to find what best suits you.
  • Apply: Visit any of our branches nearest to you with the required documents and our team will guide you through the process
  • Approval: Experience our efficient approval process that's designed to get you the green light quickly.
  • Celebrate: Once approved, it's time to celebrate! Your dream home is now within reach. Also, once approved, you are automatically entered into our promotion for a chance at the Grand Prize of 50% off your interest.


Requirements to Apply:

  • A valid Driver's Licence or in the absence thereof one valid form of identification, recent proof of address and TIN Certificate.
  • A recent job letter or 3 months payslip.
  • Agreement of Sale / Ownership Document (Transport / Certificate of Title / Letter of Assurance).
  • Estimate for Construction and Building Plan, if applicable.
  • Valuation of property, if applicable.



Get in Touch:

Questions about 'A Loan That Brings You Home' our our home loan offerings? Our dedicated customer service team is here to assist.


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